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COVID Love Stories

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

I call myself a story listener. I love to listen for a story's essence as it reveals itself in people’s words.

I love to gather the essence of words and reflect their meaning back.

I love to watch people discover more depth, power, insight, and beauty in their words, and in themselves, than they alone could see.

I love listening for space that white supremacy has not yet invaded, for echoes of communities that lived, and live on, with love and mutuality at their heart.

I love to hear vision in the present moment, to see that what we’re looking for is right here if we choose.

I love magnetizing stories together into constellations, clusters of stars that immerse us in warmth and invite us to navigate toward possibility.

“You’re a story doula,” someone once told me, describing how I helped her birth meaning onto a page. When COVID fatalities began in the US one year ago, I felt called to that role in another way.

From my kitchen table I listened to stories of vision expanding in pandemic. I collaborated with folx willing to share their words, producing video stories (in collaboration with Jason Walker) about community-based mask making in Oakland, deepened understanding of indigenous farming in New Mexico, BIPOC-led community birth centers coming together around the country, and even human beings learning to prepare, with love, for death.

In these COVID stories I witnessed the practice of love nurtured in community, forged in global crisis, rising up through a world of violence, domination, and extraction.

Poet activist June Jordan writes that to discover "the potentiality, the life-supportive commitment and possibilities of anyone or any thing, the decisive question is always, where is the love?" Love is, quite simply, our best narrative compass.

Last week I returned to these COVID stories as pandemic grief and loss stretch on.

Today, still, and always, it is love that I listen for.


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