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2021 Impact

How did New Moon shape the world in 2021?


New Moon told revolutionary stories that strengthened community power in tangible ways. We're proud of the 2021 video stories we produced in collaboration with Jason Walker like Lead With Us: Birth Detroit and Return To The Heart: Our Amazing First Year, and our animated work with Renée Campbell on Community Blueprint, and how this work helped to generate resources for communities leading us into the future.


New Moon gathered and strengthened networked relationships and ideas that are changing the world. We're honored to have worked with partners such as Full Spectrum Labs and Facilitating Power to facilitate community and ecosystem stewards who are growing economic, cultural, and political power; and Birth Center Equity in creating powerful peer learning in the birth ecosystem; and StoryLine Partners (and TMJ Universe) in shaping strategy for narrative change.


New Moon led strategic narrative thinking to guide wise and informed decision making. We're humbled to have listened to the visions and questions of initiative leaders and woven them into reflection and strategy pieces shaping the direction of initiatives in birthing justice, climate justice, food sovereignty, and other sectors.




New Moon's advisory group is a circle of brilliant and dedicated women of color who serve as thought partners as we evolve. We are honored to welcome four advisors who have already deeply shaped New Moon’s thinking and approach, and who have gifted us with advice and friendship through the years. (Note: These advisors serve as individuals; their affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.)


Ariel Jacobson (Albany, NY), storyteller, member of the Collective Future Fund team, leader in Resonance Network, and part of the Movement Strategy Center (MSC) Transitions Community.


Maria Ibarra-Frayre (Ypsilanti, MI), Deputy Director of We the People Michigan, co-founder of Untold Stories of Liberation & Love, Steering Committee member Washtenaw Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights, and part of the MSC Transitions Community.


Supriya Lopez Pillai (Oakland, CA), director of Hidden Leaf Foundation, 2021 nominee for the Pushcart Prize in flash fiction, and member of Resonance Network and the MSC Transitions Community


Yodit Mesfin Johnson (Ypsilanti, MI), President & CEO of NEW, founder of Black Men Read, writer, poet, and member of Untold Stories of Liberation & Love

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