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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

In May, when we first learned of the Supreme Court's impending ruling on Roe v. Wade, our team at Birth Center Equity* talked together about how we felt and what we wanted to say publicly.

I remember our raw weariness, our gratitude for each other and our broader community, and our deep faith in the collective purpose of re-birthing the world that Birth Center Equity is part of.

Here are the words we wrote together and shared in May, then shared again on Friday.

On Friday, our wise friends at Intelligent Mischief invited us all to catch our breath, and when we feel ready, to

Gather your people in ways that make sense. Over food, at the beach, at home. Study what ancestors have done at times like this before. Notice which lessons deeply resonate for your folk. Nurture some Dreamspace together. Vision, especially long arc Vision is key to determining a strategy in unknown waters. Dream on behalf of descendants. Take these dreams seriously. There are clues in them for transformative strategy.



Dream ancestral dreams..

Move beyond what feels possible.


*I'm honored to have been part of the founding of Birth Center Equity.

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